Dungeons: the Dragoning

Episode 9: Singularity
Let's see what happens...
Episode 8: Cumbaya
Can't we all just get along?
Episode 7: Tiamundo
Sure. Why wouldn't a servant of Tiamat show up?
Episode 6: Trouble with Selbbirts
They're born pregnant!
Episode 5: Tourist Trap
Holy shit, is that rock real?
Episode 4: Into the Stars
They're so shiny!

The Daily Door: Sigil’s state-sponsored syndicated status stream

Looking through galactic peepholes with no fear!

Minutiae Of Borrowing

The title loan of the USS Vectron has been transferred from Wodahs Nortcev to Keeth Vectroni.
Loan terms: 20K thrones @ 99% APR [Payoff: TN35; Monthly Payment: TN 10]

Division for Urban Management and Building

The following building permit application has been DENIED. Reasons for denial: (1) No documented fire suppression system AND (2) Failure to provide Form ERIF [Estimated Robustness In Fire]

Original Application --

Project: Blanket Fort
Architect: Shadow
Location: USS Vectron (cargo bay 2)
Exterior Dimensions: 20′×20′ (40′×40′ with moat)
Interior Dimensions: 200′×200′ (plus 40’ moat)
Construction type: Forbidden-magic-laced blankets w/ shadow beam supports
Security Systems: Gauntlet of 8 improvised arrow traps; trebuchets equipped for delivery of [flaming] packing peanut payload
Dangerous Animals: Aggressive aquatic moat inhabitants
Fire Suppression System: Dry-but-soaking-wet-and-cold water-blankets in moat may be used in an emergency

Charming multi-story blanket fort with parapets, towers, and cross-tower bridges spanning the Material Plane and the Umbra. Structurally sound with support from shadow pillars cast by wood-blankets. Bedrooms furnished with teddy-bear-blankets and other comforts of home. Modern plumbing. Terroritorial view of Cargo Bay 2. Umbra viewing recommended due to the improved visibility of pseudo-materials involved in construction. Beech-blanket luster shines in the light reflected from the moat’s water-blankets!)

Captain charged with PUI following Geller Field failure

Captain Wodahs Nortcev has been charged with felony Piloting Under the Influence for commanding a jump of the USS Vectron while intoxicated, which resulted in serious psychological harm to his crew when the Geller Field temporarily failed. The Geller Field failure exposed the ship to unspeakable horrors of the Warp for nearly 30 seconds. Crew members reports daemons – some with faces like frightening dragonborn -, screams, and impossibly wrong colors. No mortality was reported, though ~10% of crew members have developed a mental “tick”.

The Geller Field failure appears to have resulted from Captain Nortcev ordering the ship out of Warp travel at an unsafe rate of deceleration. Some ship sensor logs suggest a massive magical surge from Cargo Bay 2 caused the rift, but according to a source who asked to remain anonymous, those log entries have been traced to sensors damaged by a fire in the cargo bay. The full extent of damage to the vessel from the failed Geller Field is unknown.

Captain Nortcev has a history of PUI, but the interlock device in his captain’s chair apparently failed to prevent this incident. Captain Nortcev has been ordered to appear for trial in Harmonium Superior Court in 1 week. Draco, the citing officer, noted with regret that Captain Nortcev “didn’t know what he was doing when ordering the rapid stop from Warp”.

Draco is on unpaid administrative leave for an unrelated internal Harmonium matter.

“Shadow” saved from fire by lion dual-wielding fire extinguishers

An elf named Shadow was rescued from a burning blanket fort abord the USS Vectron’s cargo bay 2 by a wild lion who was dual-wielding fire extinguishers, according to sources close to the event. (Some conflicting reports involve dragonborn wielding the fire extinguishers and a tiger rescuing Shadow.) Shadow was taken to the ship’s sick-bay where Shanra Elladrien oversaw her care. Doctors indicate a full mental recovery may take years, noting Shadow’s tendancy for assuming the fetal position while clutching her scorched teddy-bear blankie.

The fire apparently started due to unsecured flaming packing peanut payload in armed trebuchets firing when the ship violently exited Warp speed. Unsecured flaming packing peanut payloads are against starship fire codes.

The lion could not be reached to comment for this story.

“Draco” selflessly saves crew abord USS Vectron

Draco is being praised by crew members of the USS Vectron for throwing himself on a loose frag grenade moments before it exploded, saving several crew in the blast radius that had been rendered unconscious by a Geller Field failure.

“It’s so amazing”, said Lt. Aruhu of the USS Vectron. “At first I thought the grenade was a fire extinguisher Draco himself had thrown to put out a blaze at the cost of others. But it must have been a frag grenade from our smug— uh, peaceful, civilian, but 93% flammable cargo shipment — because I saw him sprint in his power armor with a bandolier of fire extinguishers toward the grenade. He went flying 30 feet when the grenade and bandolier blew, but the fire was out with nobody hurt! He’s my hero!!”

Draco is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Opinion: “Hraer” keeps honor, reinforces stereotype

Hraeryxsilliuszym of the USS Vectron has kept his honor while reinforcing sterotypes, according sources speaking on condition of anonymity. “Hraer” engaged in stubborn, fierce, honorable, and mostly-non-violent debate with other crew members about the morality of mass civilian casualties. Even though the debate was ultimately interrupted by failures in inertial damping, Geller Fields, and fire suppression systems, Hraeryxsilliuszym represented for Dragonborn everywhere. What other race can provide such singular focus?

It’s that kind of honor and focus we need in our Factols!

Episode 3: The Great Escape
On the run from the law...

The Daily Door: Sigil’s state-sponsored syndicated status stream

(We’re always on the threshold of something bigger than ourselves!)

Harmonium Lt. Svne’s killers escape custody

Harmonium officials confirmed that a band of murderers has escaped a Harmonium sting operation. The fugitives, led by the rogue kobold and Priest of Vectron named Keeth Vectroni, were last seen at a suspected Shadow Thieves’ safehouse near Harmonium. Harmonium spokeswoman Maj. Jen Earl assured the Daily Door that the fugitives will be apprehended shortly, but according to an exclusive Daily Door source, a raid of the safehouse revealed no leads. Another source indicates that the Platinum Knights have an investigational attaché assigned to the case.

The Harmonium have posted a bounty of 10,000 thrones for the apprehension of Keeth Vectroni.

Vectron High Priest Saduj, official spokesman for the Vectron High Council, told The Daily Door in a phone interview that he was “agast” at the news, and would launch an internal investigation of Mr. Vectroni’s alleged misconduct immediately.

Arson results in deaths, destruction of Best Galaxy Inn

Harmonium officials are investigating a deadly arson event that destroyed the Best Galaxy Inn in downtown Sigil. Over 50 are confirmed dead, with hundreds more missing according to hotel officials. Surveillance video allegedly shows a red dragonborn setting an adjoining crowded conference room ablaze. Motive is unclear, but Harmonium spokeswoman Maj. Jen Earl indicates it was likely a crime of passion or revenge. “Best Galaxy surveillance video shows the suspect and an accomplice engaged in passionate speech with many of the victims just prior to their deaths in the fire.”

Harmonium officials blame the nearly complete destruction of the building on faulty fire suppression systems and the size of the initial blaze. Best Galaxy Inn alleges the Harmonium failed to respond to the fire for over an hour, instead providing securiy to a coincident street procession. Universal Accommodations, Inc. (SX:UNI), parent company for Best Galaxy Inn, has filed a negligence suit against the Harmonium (SX:HARM) in Sigil Civil Court.

“His time had come”: Harmonium patrol slaughtered in High Docks

The High Docks district is in shock at the brutal slaying of a Harmonium patrol. The grisly discovery of patrol leader Lt. De’Dmann pinned to a door next to a blood-scrawled message telling viewers “his time had come” sent a chilling challenge to the Harmonium, who have recently suffered a string of embarrassing losses. The Harmonium have vowed revenge on the perpetrators, but according to exclusive Daily Door sources, the perpetrators are unlikely to be identified.

Processional eases pain of arson, High Docks slaying

Citizens are touched by the rapid implementation of a memorial processional which started at the site of the Best Galaxy Inn arson and ended at the site of the High Docks slaying. Critics argue that the Best Galaxy Inn had not yet finished burning to the ground before the processional formed, but Bleakers Factol Lhar offers this comfort: “Searching for a temporal ordering to grant meaning to these events is as useless as deluding yourself that life has purpose”.

Freak warp energy blast sends bar patrons ducking for cover

Patrons of the Lucky Lady (SX:LKY) were not so lucky when a freak blast of warp energy manifested within the establishment, emitting a piercing scream which shattered glass throughout the rooms. Sources exclusively reporting to the Daily Door suggest sorcery may be involved, but we have not yet independently confirmed this. The Harmonium declined to comment for this story – The Daily Door posits this is because they’re still wondering how to explain the Best Galaxy Inn disaster.

All things rumored: Shadow contracts?

According to semi-reliable sources, the Shadow Thieves are engaged in negotiations around an exceptionally lucrative contract. The Daily Door will keep you posted as we find out more!

Episode 2: The Great Escape
Poor Lt. Svne...

Having moved to a more modest hotel to accommodate their new followers, the party got its morning news on a datapad set upon a decidedly unluxurious plasteel platter. The news business peddles more bad news than good in these dark days, and the day following the joint Correlon-Vectron Charity Slum Dinner was no exception. Buried 6 inches down the police beat column, the unexpected death of the beloved Lt. Sven was stated with the emotional sensitivity of an Ork. (And the charity dinner didn’t even make the news!) Harmonium agents suspected an unnamed kobold with a holy symbol bling and lackeys that fled the scene; citizens were encouraged to contact their local Harmonium office with any information about the suspect’s whereabouts. Lt. Sven’s viewing was scheduled for that afternoon.

Why the Harmonium agents thought the party involved in Lt. Sven’s untimely death is unclear. It’s not like the only Priest of Vectron left to talk to the Harmonium at the scene of the rave where a corpse started crowd-surfing took exception to the party’s presence after Shanra cracked his jaw and Keeth blew a hole in the compound’s ceiling and tripped the fire alarm. Right?

Keeth, feeling a personal obligation to keep his promise to Lt. Sven (though what exactly it was escapes me), and Shadow proceeded to take a plainclothes disguise to attend the viewing for the late Lt. Sven. After all, Keeth had forseen that this would go well. Shanra stayed at the hotel, working to mollify the followers’ slightly downgraded accommodations. Arriving at Harmonium HQ while being tailed by a Harmonium Dragonborn agent, the party proceeded to a special mid-security area that specialized in low-quality viewings for Sigil’s finest. With a message center welcoming attendees to “Lt. Svne”‘s viewing (which was allotted a narrow time slot due to the usual full schedule), the care shown for rank and file Harmonium killed in action was touching. At least there were Harmonium officers stationed near the casket; that there was a line for the viewing spoke more for the public’s care than for the Harmonium’s advertising. Or perhaps not – some people had popcorn.

After flashing bogus IDs and uneventfully passing through a guard station into the high-walled viewing area, the party slowly reached the casket. Keeth, with quickly a whispered statement fulfilled his oath to Lt. Sven. It was at that moment that the area door slammed shut (trapping the party inside), while a bored voice droned “Keeth Vectroni, you are under arrest. Don’t move.” A moment of hesitation followed, but the party realized that the Harmonium didn’t seem the type to put on a fair trial.

Fortunately, the Harmonium tail (Draco) was already on the fence about his employer, and the scene of Lt. Sven with blood on his neck and still wearing the rumpled uniform in which he died (shoulder lights blinking off-kilter) was too much. The burly dragonborn body-checked one of the casket cops through the casket and into another cop. One of the cops broke his neck slamming into the wall; the other merely broke both legs. Lt. Sven fared better, rolling out of the splintered casket in a bloodless “thud”, shoulder blinky-lights shattering.

The firefight broke out in earnest as the other trapped visitors began to panic. Shadow made an impressive called shot on the gate lever control in the guardhouse, temporarily opening the escape route, but the guard was able to wrench it free and re-close the gate. Broken legs didn’t stop the cop from taking potshots against the his former coworker, though there were only near-misses. Some small arms fire was exchanged, but then Keeth took the escape plan into his own claws. Sauntering up to the doors, he etched an X with his claws, spun while donning sunglasses, and sauntered away. The X filled with explosive energy and then exploded into the crowded viewing area.

The bystanders’ day had been going pretty well, really. It took a tolerable detour when they had been anticipating the mandatory stop-and-frisks by the Harmonium that would inevitably follow the smooth arrest of Keeth Vectroni. But the quality of their day pretty much went to hell when the explosion from the door ripped through them like BBs through toilet paper. With a mist of blood thick enough to cause temporary obscurement, the morally-impaired party made their exit and started running down the street.

The leading Keeth Vectroni quickly realized the Harmonium had a contingency plan (or perhaps they were actually able to respond quickly to an attack adjoining their own HQ), and were setting a classic shrinking perimeter to catch the offenders. But with the guardhouse guard taking a shooting stance outside the guardhouse and laying down small-arms fire, Shadow quick in tow, and the lumbering Draco some distance behind her, Keeth decided to simply go through the line.

The cop in the hovercar was apparently not prepared for a kobold running like mad and going under his car without slowing down. After taking a couple startled shots blasting out his own windows, Keeth had all the time he needed to slip into the shadows, laying down a smoke screen to provide cover for Shadow and Draco. Shadow cleared the vehicle and determined the hovercar cop’s Time Had Come, and unleashed an arrow that went in one shattered window, ripped the cop’s head off his shoulders (removing the donut from his mouth), and launched it through the window where it proceeded to roll to freedom. The hovercar will need detailing.

The clean escape was foiled when the guardhouse cop finally landed a shot on the lumbering giant, converting Draco’s right foot to more basic elements – like vapor. Before the cop could finish the job, Shadow’s artifact bow revealed that the guardhouse cop’s Time Had Come, and while the arrow through the guard’s helmet sprayed enough blood to make aiming challenging, slumping into unconsciousness made aiming impossible.

Slipping away into one of Shadow’s network of safehouses, the Harmonium were left with no prize but a few more viewings to schedule – but with so many regular viewers chunked, who’ll show up?

Sensing Sigil is getting a bit hot for comfort, they have decided to attempt to take their leave from the City of Doors. But doing so could prove a dangerous task…

Episode 1: The Alpha Session
Kashkow Rave... for Vectron!

Our heroes congregated in the city of Sigil. One rave later in celebration of the Vectronian holiday of Kashkow, the heroes have a dead body in their wake, a Harmonium soldier (Lt. Sven) promising to follow up on some suspicious activities by a handsy Vectronian High Priest, and a slum full of people with more food in their bellies than clothes on their back that have a split opinion on Vectron vs. Corellon.

What trouble will the heroes get into next?

In this episode, the party (Vishkanya, Keeth, Hraer, Draco, and Shanra) went to a Kashkow… party. There, Shanra spurned Vectroni High Priest Saduj, breaking his jaw to no apparent lasting effect. Soon after, a guest was mysteriously found dead, and the party suspects High Priest Saduj planted evidence of the killing on Shanra (a poison vial) – evidence which the the Harmonium’s Lt. Sven found on her. (The Harmonium had entered through windows and blocked Keeths’ fireball-induced fire escape.) The party resist arrest and easily subdue the Harmonium agents nonlethally. They then take Lt. Sven into the turbolift and convince him of their innocence. Thereafter, they threw a charity dinner in the slums – Keeth doing so in the name of Vectron while Vishkanya did so in the name of Corellon.


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