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Episode 3: The Great Escape

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The Daily Door: Sigil’s state-sponsored syndicated status stream

(We’re always on the threshold of something bigger than ourselves!)

Harmonium Lt. Svne’s killers escape custody

Harmonium officials confirmed that a band of murderers has escaped a Harmonium sting operation. The fugitives, led by the rogue kobold and Priest of Vectron named Keeth Vectroni, were last seen at a suspected Shadow Thieves’ safehouse near Harmonium. Harmonium spokeswoman Maj. Jen Earl assured the Daily Door that the fugitives will be apprehended shortly, but according to an exclusive Daily Door source, a raid of the safehouse revealed no leads. Another source indicates that the Platinum Knights have an investigational attaché assigned to the case.

The Harmonium have posted a bounty of 10,000 thrones for the apprehension of Keeth Vectroni.

Vectron High Priest Saduj, official spokesman for the Vectron High Council, told The Daily Door in a phone interview that he was “agast” at the news, and would launch an internal investigation of Mr. Vectroni’s alleged misconduct immediately.

Arson results in deaths, destruction of Best Galaxy Inn

Harmonium officials are investigating a deadly arson event that destroyed the Best Galaxy Inn in downtown Sigil. Over 50 are confirmed dead, with hundreds more missing according to hotel officials. Surveillance video allegedly shows a red dragonborn setting an adjoining crowded conference room ablaze. Motive is unclear, but Harmonium spokeswoman Maj. Jen Earl indicates it was likely a crime of passion or revenge. “Best Galaxy surveillance video shows the suspect and an accomplice engaged in passionate speech with many of the victims just prior to their deaths in the fire.”

Harmonium officials blame the nearly complete destruction of the building on faulty fire suppression systems and the size of the initial blaze. Best Galaxy Inn alleges the Harmonium failed to respond to the fire for over an hour, instead providing securiy to a coincident street procession. Universal Accommodations, Inc. (SX:UNI), parent company for Best Galaxy Inn, has filed a negligence suit against the Harmonium (SX:HARM) in Sigil Civil Court.

“His time had come”: Harmonium patrol slaughtered in High Docks

The High Docks district is in shock at the brutal slaying of a Harmonium patrol. The grisly discovery of patrol leader Lt. De’Dmann pinned to a door next to a blood-scrawled message telling viewers “his time had come” sent a chilling challenge to the Harmonium, who have recently suffered a string of embarrassing losses. The Harmonium have vowed revenge on the perpetrators, but according to exclusive Daily Door sources, the perpetrators are unlikely to be identified.

Processional eases pain of arson, High Docks slaying

Citizens are touched by the rapid implementation of a memorial processional which started at the site of the Best Galaxy Inn arson and ended at the site of the High Docks slaying. Critics argue that the Best Galaxy Inn had not yet finished burning to the ground before the processional formed, but Bleakers Factol Lhar offers this comfort: “Searching for a temporal ordering to grant meaning to these events is as useless as deluding yourself that life has purpose”.

Freak warp energy blast sends bar patrons ducking for cover

Patrons of the Lucky Lady (SX:LKY) were not so lucky when a freak blast of warp energy manifested within the establishment, emitting a piercing scream which shattered glass throughout the rooms. Sources exclusively reporting to the Daily Door suggest sorcery may be involved, but we have not yet independently confirmed this. The Harmonium declined to comment for this story – The Daily Door posits this is because they’re still wondering how to explain the Best Galaxy Inn disaster.

All things rumored: Shadow contracts?

According to semi-reliable sources, the Shadow Thieves are engaged in negotiations around an exceptionally lucrative contract. The Daily Door will keep you posted as we find out more!


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