Dungeons: the Dragoning

Episode 1: The Alpha Session

Kashkow Rave... for Vectron!

Our heroes congregated in the city of Sigil. One rave later in celebration of the Vectronian holiday of Kashkow, the heroes have a dead body in their wake, a Harmonium soldier (Lt. Sven) promising to follow up on some suspicious activities by a handsy Vectronian High Priest, and a slum full of people with more food in their bellies than clothes on their back that have a split opinion on Vectron vs. Corellon.

What trouble will the heroes get into next?

In this episode, the party (Vishkanya, Keeth, Hraer, Draco, and Shanra) went to a Kashkow… party. There, Shanra spurned Vectroni High Priest Saduj, breaking his jaw to no apparent lasting effect. Soon after, a guest was mysteriously found dead, and the party suspects High Priest Saduj planted evidence of the killing on Shanra (a poison vial) – evidence which the the Harmonium’s Lt. Sven found on her. (The Harmonium had entered through windows and blocked Keeths’ fireball-induced fire escape.) The party resist arrest and easily subdue the Harmonium agents nonlethally. They then take Lt. Sven into the turbolift and convince him of their innocence. Thereafter, they threw a charity dinner in the slums – Keeth doing so in the name of Vectron while Vishkanya did so in the name of Corellon.


ScotiaBaker ScotiaBaker

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