Shanra Elladrien

Eldarin Were Tiger Vectron Priestist


Shanra Elladrien

Age: 18
Race: Eldarin
Exaltation: Were Tiger
Alignment: Vectron

Classes: Priest/Preacher/Cleric
Level: 3
Magic School: Healer Level 3
Classes: Brother/ Disciple
level: 2
Sword School: Setting Sun Level: 2

Intelligence: 3
Strength: 2 (4) ( Specialization – Power lifting heavy objects)
Charisma: 2

Wisdom: 4 (Specialization – Eyes like a cat – Perceptive)
Dexterity: 3 (5) ( Specialization – Catlike grace- Acrobatics)
Fellowship: 2

Con: 2 (4)
Composure 2


Academic lore: 3
Arcana: 2
Forbidden Lore: 3 (Specialization – Magical potion crafting)
Medicae: 2
Perception: 1


Acrobatics: 2
Athletics: 2
Brawl: 4
Stealth: 2
Weaponry: 2


Charm: 1
Command: 2
Deceive: 2
Intimidation: 2
Persuasion: 2


Wealth: 2
Allies: 2
Artifacts: 3

Power Stats: 3 Feral Heat
Resource Stats (Rage): 9
Devotion: 7

Static Def: 23, 19 (war form), 28 (tiger form)
Hit points: 13, 19 (war form)
Mental Def: 15
Resolve: 6
Speed: 5, 7 (War and Tiger)
Size: 4, 6 (war), 3 (Tiger)
Resilience: 4, 5 (war), 3 (Tiger)
Hero Points: 2
Armor: 3 (Were Tiger), 4 (Wholeness of body (+1))

Laser Pistol
Artifact : The Freedom Stone (heartstone)

Cure Light Wounds:
Cure Moderate Wounds:

Character Feats:

Non – class Feats:

Appearance – A character with Appearance may add +2k0 to all social rolls where her good looks might come into play.
Silent Strider -
Enemy –
Wanted -

Pure Faith – You gain +2 to all alignment checks.
Powerful Charge – You gain +1k0 to melee damage rolls on a charge.
Hatred (Heretics)
Armor Prof (Light) – Thanks to your extreme training the chosen armor type provides +2 armor points.
Weapon Prof (Basic)
*Weapon Prof (Melee 1)


Peer (Church of Vectron) – You gain +2k0 to Charm, Persuasion, and Command rolls with a certain group.
Spell Focus (Healing) – Gain a free raise to magic rolls with a specific school of magic.
Sound Constitution – You gain one additional Hit Points.
Armor Prof (Medium)
Virgiles Guidance – You can buy Devotion at only half of the normal cost.


Unarmed Warrior – Your unarmed strikes deal an additional +1k0 damage.
Catfall – Halve falling distance when calculating damage, always land on your feet.
Fleet of Foot – When making a Full Move action, you may move an additional distance equal to your Dex in meters. When running, you may double your movement for one round. Using this talent two turns in a row gives you one level of fatigue.
Wholeness of Body- You gain an Armor rating equal to your Wisdom.

Spells and power:

Priest: Healing: 3

Cure Light Wounds
Healing 1
Test: Healing + Wisdom
Target Number: 15
Action: Half Action
Keywords: Combo-OK, Somatic, Touch,
Duration: Instant
If the caster spends a resource point while casting this spell,

Healing 2
Test: Healing + Wisdom
Target Number: 20
Action: Full Action
Keywords: Social, Somatic, Touch
Duration: Instant
You touch a target. If used on a target that is missing a limb, and they spend a week getting bed rest, they may regrow one missing limb during that time.

Cure Moderate Wounds
Healing 3
Test: Healing + Wisdom
Target Number: 25
Action: Full Action
Keywords: Combo-OK, Somatic, Touch,
Duration: Instant
The caster may spend any number of resource points while casting this spell. If they do, the touched target is healed for that many hit points.

Monk Powers:
Setting Sun: Level 2: Initiate
Weapon (Brawl) – Use Unarmed attacks with your martial maneuvers.
Action (Fight defensively) – Use Fight Defensively actions in martial maneuvers.

Normal Attack: Attack 7k4 Damage: 3k1 Claw: 6k1 Bite 7k1

Special Maneuvers:

Rage of the Savage Beast:

First Damage Improvement – Add +1k0 to damage.
Difficult Strike – You may not use this attack if you used it in the last round.


Knockout Blow – Anyone hit by your attack takes a level of fatigue, even if they lose no hit points.
Unbroken Skin – This attack deals 0k1 damage.

Shanra has light blue eyes with long silky red hair that come down to the lower back. She is slender with light tan skin. Shanra has Celtic style tattoos that spans her left arm from shoulder to the back of her hand. Whenever she spends resources, those tattoos glow pale blue and the intensity depends on how much resources she spends.


Shanra is a gentle soul. But Fighting inside her is a beast that claws at her spirit. The monster scares her, but she know it is apart of her. She is faithful to Vectron and believes that every living being needs to embrace the love of Vectron. She has devoted her life in service to Vectron and people.

Goals: In her studies, she came across a myth. The Myst talks about land where Vectron walked and he created a magic branch. Those who wield the brand is granted great wisdom and knowledge of the Universe. Shanra believes that this item exists. Within her research, Shanra discovered that the artifact has many names, but one name in particular comes more often. “The gold pixie branch of Vecton’s sorrow”. She dedicated her life in pursuit of this artifact to one day bring peace to the Universe.

When Sharna was an infant, she was abandoned by the side of the road. Left to die, she was then found by some humans that took her in as their own child. She does not have much memory of her Eldarin parents, but what knowledge she has of her culture she gained through studies. Sharna’s parents are devote followers of Vectron and were excited when the priest came knocking on their door to give them the great news that Sharna had been selected to serve Vectron. At age nine, Sharna entered the priesthood and devote her life in servitude.

Her life as a Priest was full of trials and hardship. She showed great potential in the use of magic and gain the interest of her mentors. But with notoriety with the authorities of her temple came jealousy with her peers. Her stay in the temple was rough. Shanra became the center of cruel joke and pranks and over time began to wear on her mind. When the cruelty reached its boiling point, Shanra decide to run away. With tears in her eyes and a broken heart for the love of her faith, Shanra escape into the dark forest. She prayed to Ventron asking for guidance and comfort, but only received silence. Frustration and hatred began to swell in her heart. And as the inner rage began to surfaced, her chest began to hurt and beat faster and faster. Shanra fell to the ground in agony, passing out from the pain.

Shanra awoken in an open field of a tattered old farm not knowing where she was or how much time had pass. She was naked, cold and alone. When she looked around, she noticed that her body was dripping in blood and her left arm had some strange tattoo that was not present before. Shana feared that she had been cursed for the evil thoughts and feelings. She started to remember the lost hours as a hazy image of her hunting, killing and eating a cow. Believing she had been cursed, she decided to return to the temple to repent for her disobedience.

Many years has past as Shanra still endured more cruelty among her peers, but she dealt with by focusing on her training in healing magic. She spent many hours during the day helping the sick and the poor after her lessons, which left very little time for socializing. At around age 15 she packed her belonging (what very few items she had.) and left the temple to begin her journey. Shanra had traveled for 2 years across many parts of the continent, learning and helping anyone on her way. When she felt it was time she returned home.

After returning to the temple from a 2 year journey, Shanra’s teachers felt she was ready for her 4th trial. They made preparation and when they were complete, they called for her in the middle of the night. Reluctantly he made her way to the inner chamber of the temple where 5 teachers were performing some sort of a ritual surrounding a circle with various ruins and scribes written inside it. They instructed her step into the circle as they started to chant. She felt sick and the room started to swirl. Disorientated and confused, Shanra looked around and noticed that chamber looked different. All the teachers were missing and the room was grey and lifeless. With caution she slowly searched around the chamber with no signs on what she is supposed to do. After many hours of wondering the temple, Shanra found herself in the temple dining hall where many of her peers were eating and enjoying conversation. The hall grew silent and Shanra entered the room with all eyes focused onto her. As they surround her, Shanra’s peers screamed profanities and taunts followed by smearing her with food. “Stop it… please no more. Please…” Shanra begged, pleading to the angry crowd. Falling on the ground in a fetal position, Shanra cried, rocking back and forth, begging to be left alone. But this only made the crowd’s taunting intensify. With Shanra’s heart beating rapid rate, rage started to bubble to the surface. Her eyes burning with hatred and with a roar she yells, “You disgrace Vectron!”, and transforms into a monstrous were tiger ripping in anything standing in front. Screams fill the halls and blood rains all around, the room quickly turns into a pool of blood and quiet. Calming herself, Shanra rage subsided transforming herself back to her Eldarin form, satisfied of justice has been served and the will of Vectron fulfilled. Shanra awakes in the familiar inner chamber hear the chanting fading. “You have past your trial my child. What will you sacrifice for you magic?”

After many days of prayer and meditation, Shanra writes a letter to her adopted parents.

“I must not see you again. You will never hear from me again. This is Farewell.


After sealing the Envelope with her tears, She leave it at the door of her family’s farm, knowing that she will never see them again.

Shanra Elladrien

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