Character Creation Guidelines


To create a character, you can:

  • Go through the process yourself as described in Chapter 2 of book 1.6 (please clear the resulting character with me).
  • Have myself or Daniel create a character sheet for you based on an overall character concept you provide.


So, you’ve download the source books, gotten inspired, and are conceptualizing the Hero of Awesomeness you always dreamed of! Great!

Dreams are also particularly important for your characters. What is their big dream in life they’re working toward? Are you a greedy mercenary? A priest looking for a flock (cough, Keeth!, cough)? An archaeologist looking for the find of a lifetime?

Players are required to articulate your character’s motivations, goals, and dreams (in addition to how they kill stuff). What does your hero wish to do in the Great Wheel? How will they fit into the existing party?


All magic users must go through the Trials (described in Book 1.6, pp148-149) to acquire magical ability. These trials must be explained as part of character creation. Existing characters can attempt to go through the Trials if they wish to acquire sorcerous abilities.

Character Creation Guidelines

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