House Rules

Both source books are valid for this campaign, except for the things we’ve thrown out. This page lists our house rules and the source pages burned out of existence.

Rules Summary

Sword and Gun Kata

Forbidden Lore

When using the Forbidden Lore skill in a capacity besides a knowledge check, it may be pushed in the same manner as spells.

Critical Damage

Each exploded damage die will deal one critical damage to the hit location.


  • Instead of “(Skill/School+Characteristic) Keep Characteristic”, you Keep Skill/School instead.
  • Each raise on an attack roll adds 1k0 damage; this may not apply to enemy attacks.

Alignment & Degenerations

  • Alignment Check: A 1 always fails, no matter what bonuses you have to these checks.
  • Degeneration Checks: Any devotion loss triggers this check, but you only gain a degeneration if you roll above your new devotion. (Your god will go further out of their way to punish those making them look bad – provided they even notice you were being particularly unfaithful at all.)
  • Degenerations that reduce a characteristic “by 1” now instead reduces that characteristic TO 1. (You don’t want degenerations.)

Stat X

“Devotion” plays the role of the mystery luck stat that determines whether something goes your way. If you hope your left earring got stolen instead of your right earring, for example, that’s a Stat X roll.

XP Spends

  • You can only improve by one “thing” of something per session (e.g., one dot per skill, one level, etc.) unless you have an in-character explanation for why you’d have advanced more quickly.
  • Devotion increases require roleplaying your alignment.
    • Players wishing an increase may spend XP to do so with SM approval.
    • Players showing extraordinary roleplaying of their alignment may be granted a free Devotion increase

House Rules

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