Into the stars…

With an entire universe at your fingertips, what mark will you leave on the multiverse?

Set in the Great Wheel of the Astral Sea with Sigil at its center, untold mysteries and danger abound as sci-Fi melds with high fantasy in this campaign of awesomeness.


WARNING: Those allergic to humor, silliness, and/or awesomeness are advised to avoid this campaign.

System Background & Source Materials

Dungeons: The Dragoning is a riotous mix of all things awesome in the RPG multiverse. Combining D&D, Star Trek, Warhammer 40,000, Final Fantasy 7, and so much more, you’ll find epic adventure and danger in every corner of the multiverse.

Campaign Philosophy

This campaign draws strongly on individual character themes and dreams (see Character Creation Guidelines), but encourages exploration of the mysterious and threatening darkness that is the Great Wheel. What will the characters find lurking in and among the Crystal Spheres, and what will drive them there?

Players have indicated a preference for moderate combat, with conflicting views of relative levels of exploration vs. mystery/intrigue. So… expect a fairly balanced mix.

Dungeons: the Dragoning

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