Keeth Vectroni

Winged kobold prophet of Vectron


Race – Kobold
Exaltation – Dragonblooded
Classes – Spellsword / Swordmage / Runeblade / Initiate / Paladin / Chevalier / Arcane Knight
Level – 5

Intelligence – 1
Wisdom – 3 (Specialty – Divinations)
Willpower – 1
Strength – 2
Dexterity – 5 (Specialty – Dodging)
Constitution – 3
Charisma – 5 (Specialty – Conning marks)
Fellowship – 1
Composure – 2

Academic lore- 1
Arcana – 4 (Specialty – Dragons)
Forbidden Lore – 5 (Specialty – Making eldritch creations out of mundane objects)
Medicae – 1
Perception – 1
Politics – 1

Acrobatics – 2
Ballistics – 2
Brawl – 3
Stealth – 1
Weaponry – 5 (Specialty – Parrying)

Command – 2
Deceive – 1
Intimidation – 1
Performer – 2
Persuasion – 1

Power stat – Aspect – 2
Resource stat – Breath – 10

HP – 11
Static Defense – 30
Size – 2
Resilience – 5

Proficiencies – Basic weapons, melee 2 weapons, light armor, power armor

Special – TN for spells is reduced by 4 while wielding a weapon.
Special – +2 AP from armor
Special: flight at normal speed. (7m)

Spells –
Energy Burst – E damage AOE (fireball/frost nova)
Defenestrate – Throw someone threw a wall.
Augury – Find out if Vectron thinks my idea is good.
Luck – Prepare some bonus (rolled) dice to use on future rolls.
Swift Change – Put on armor and/or shapeshift as free action

Misc Feats -
K’vend’l – member in good standing of the kobold inter-sphere commerce network (/mob)
Tested – Casting spells is less dangerous
Daggerspell Stance – casting spells doesn’t provoke
Armor Specialization (power) – 2 AP (4 total) in power armor
Arcane Blade / Iron Tower – melee weapons are magic type damage, and function as implements
Mana Generator – Aid another grants fellow spellcaster a free raise on focus power.
Divine Ministration – Spend a Hero Point to heal someone 1d5 HP.
Hatred (heretics) – +1k0 to attack rolls against known anti-Vectronites.
Peer/Good Rep (Church of Vectron) – +2k1 to social rolls toward members of the Church of Vectron.
Wall of Steel – Free reaction every round, only to parry.
Blademaster – Free reroll of a melee attack roll, 1/rd.
Death Before Defeat – Spend a hero point to ignore the effects of a crit damage, other than death.
Armor of Contempt – Can’t be persuaded to violate alignment, regardless of resolve.
Fearless – Immune to fear, but TN 15 Willpower check to back down from a fight.
Swift attack- two attacks at -2k0 as a full action
Sword beam – all out attack can get 10m reach instead of other benefits.


Keeth is nearly three feet tall, with large, elaborately decorated wings, and expensive and elaborate priestly clothing with a fiery theme, in bright yellows and reds. He has an impressive looking litter for his followers to carry him around in, with a seat like a large brazier from which his flames can safely burn without needless property damage. When things get intense, his skin cracks with lines of red-hot power and he radiates a bright red glow and intense heat. He has an ornate rapier at his side in most situations, though his claws have been known to be much deadlier.

Keeth is a winged kobold who leads hundreds of faithful Vectronites in the service of his glorious will. Time and again, miraculous events happen in his life that, according to the scriptures being written about him by his most loyal followers, show that he is undoubtedly a great prophet of the very real and not at all made up god Vectron, and quite possibly even a reincarnation of the great dragon prophet Drake Vectroni. Drake disappeared a thousand years ago in a ball of flame (that some skeptics claim was merely enemy missile fire) after giving the final prophesy: “I will return with meat, cheese, bread and wine.” And here, a thousand years late, Keeth has arrived with just those items! Coincidence?

Those that have known him long enough, know that Keeth once went by another name, peddled in pyramid schemes and other economic scams, and the smart money is on this being just another kind of scam. If so, though, it’s not clear if he’s managed to trick himself into believing his own hype.

Throughout the astral sea, among the countless kobold tribes, uncountably many kobolds have received letters like offering free wealth, if they will simply send back an initial investment and do a bit of easy work. Those that follow up on the letters find that they are purchasing hundreds of such letters to send out to others. And after sending out those copies, sure enough they receive considerable wealth from those they send the letters out to. They continuously sell more and more copies of the letters to those below them, and reap the rich rewards.
It is perhaps the simplest pyramid scheme ever devised, and perhaps that was the secret to its success. But after decades of unbelievable wealth accumulating at the top, the founder of the pyramid died when a fire mysteriously burned his house down. A kobold corpse was found within, burned to unrecognizability, which the coroner quickly confirmed was undeniably the founder himself. The police hastily added that no organized crime involvement was even suspected.
That same day, Keeth Vectroni made his first public appearance, prophesying that completely unforeseeable event with impressive confidence, as a part of a public charity feast of meats, cheeses, breads and wines. From there his fame and popularity slowly grew, as the travelling prophet made his rounds. Keeth is especially popular for his generosity, and never asking for donations from his followers, a distinct irregularity amongst Vectronite priests. Where his seemingly limitless wealth stems remains a mystery, as he answers such questions only with vague references to Vectron’s incredible grace.

Keeth Vectroni

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